About me

Hi, I’m Eduard Nogués and I was born in 1984 in Granollers. I consider myself a creative person, with a lot of patience, responsible, and with imagination. During free time I like to enjoy my dogs. I also collaborate as a volunteer for the Red Cross. And when I have more time I dedicate it to restore my Seat 600.


To contact Eduard Nogués you can do so by sending an email to info@eduardnogues.com or by telephone on +34 628 55 45 93.

What am I doing now?

I currently work in Tecnoprint Digital. Developing my work in the field of printing dedicated to companies in the textile sector. Specialized in the process of sublimation that consists in passing a design printed on paper to be transferred in a fabric.

Part of my work consists of the management of colors and adjustments of printing and calibration of different papers as well as the creation of color profiles with X-Rite. In the same way I have also acquired knowledge in the printing of silkscreen prints.

I also have experience in the use of printing RIPs such as Epson Edge Print, Wasatch and neoStampa supporting the design and production teams of several companies.

I have also developed tasks in the commercialization of Epson paper, ink and plotters. As well as giving technical support to large format customers.

And now I am open to new projects, which offer new challenges.

What have I done before?

Previously I usually worked in the audiovisual sector. When I finished my studies in 2006 I did work for the TV Club Super 3 TV3 Televisió de Catalunya until 2007. 

That same year I started working as a specialist designer for the company Digital Signage Gimage. Where creating video content for the point of sale and retail pharmacy.

Later I also worked in the television chain Notícies 8 at 8tv during the years 2007-2008. The main news of this chain video performed to illustrate the news during the live program. My job was to produce maps, sports scores, weather forecasts, etc.

From 2009-2013 I just started advertising agency Umbilical Minds performing mostly communication projects for major pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim and Ferrer.

You can view a list of the awards they have received the projects I’ve worked here.


I started in the art world in 2000 studying Bachelor IES Celestí Bellera in my city, Granollers. Since I had interest in design and new technologies, I continued studying at the School of Design ESDI, attached to the University Ramon Llull center.

Where in 2007 I graduated in ‘Degree in Digital Design“. Recently in the course of 2013 made in Cinema 4D Seeway Barcelona School, affiliated to the Universidad San Jorge center.

You can see my Curriculum Vitae completely here.